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Initialise a metadata object from an import file


initializeDwCMetadata(fileLocation, fileEncoding = "", fileType = NA, ...)



A character scalar containing the location of the import file


A character string. If non-empty, declares the encoding to be used on a file so the character data can be re-encoded as they are written


A character scalar stating the type of the file. File type can be either "rmarkdown", "html", "eml", or "darwincore". If NA then the file type will be determined from the file extension


A set of arguments to be passed to the xml_new_root function to define namespace information. The values returned by the helper function getDefaultEMLDefinitionInfo will be used unless overwritten by user input here. In addition, arguments required by the EML standard but not provided here (such as the packageID attribute) will be otherwise auto-generated


A new DwCMetadata object

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