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Retrieve classes and their related terms used by GBIF


retrieveGBIFClassSpecifications(classOption = "all", includeDeprecated = FALSE)



A character scalar that if set to "core" returns only the classes and the associated terms of GBIF's accepted core types. If set to "extension" returns only the classes and associated terms of GBIF's extensions. "all" (the default) returns all of GBIF's registered class types.


A logical scalar that, if TRUE, instructs the function to also include terms in the GBIF classes that are depracated


A list containing one element per class. Each element is itself a list with the following named elements:

  • termInfoA DwCTerm object containing the information of the class term

  • compositeTermsA list of DwCTerm objects for each term that is associated with the class

See also

retrieveDwCTermSpecifications DwCTerm


Joseph D. Chipperfield,